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Private Jack White V.C. was awarded the Victoria Cross, the UK’s highest military honour, during WWI. He also founded a clothing factory in England, which has endured over the years. Today, it's the last remaining factory in the world’s first industrial city, Manchester.



Storied British brand Barbour has been making classic waxed jackets by hand for over a century. In the years since Barbour's founding, this family business has expanded into technically advanced clothing designed for a full lifestyle while remaining true to the core values of "wit, grit and glamour" of its beautifully functional pieces.

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The premium shoe brand Paraboot was originally founded in 1908 by Remy Richard-Ponvert. Since its conception over a century ago, Paraboot has been celebrated for its handmade men’s and women’s shoes. Based around the principles of authenticity, quality and charm, every Paraboot shoe is still handmade in France by the most talented craftspeople; they are completely hand cut and hand stitched using traditional techniques for the most premium finish. Here, you can expect to find a broad range of shoes from moccasins to boots and sandals.